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EQ Mastermind for FIFO Leadership.

A 12 month coaching program for FIFO leaders who want to..

       Master their day to day stress

       Communicate effectively

       Create cohesive and connected teams

Launches April 8, 2024


Our 3 pillars for resilient, emotionally intelligent and psychologically safe FIFO leadership.

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Let us be clear, this is as much about YOU as it is about your team. When you have stability for yourself, you lay that as the foundation for your team to build upon.

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Master state change methods to reduce your day to day stress

Communicate effectively with your team, and those you love


Understand the brain and why we behave the way we do

Learn how to 'switch off' and prioritise your own wellbeing. "You cant pour from an empty cup"

Consistent group coaching calls for debriefing, raising concerns and learning from others

Accountability to take action and make the changes needed


A network of FIFO leaders to share with and learn from. "Your network is your net worth"

Learn how to create connected and cohesive safe teams

Set up constructive feedback loops within your relationships and within your teams

Leverage the brain to create a feeling of safety for your team, making them more productive

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What do you get as a member of the FIFO Leaders EQ Mastermind?

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12 months of ongoing, weekly support

This is the level of support required to make real change. No matter what's happening, you will have a consistent, accessible and relatable outlet to raise concerns, seek guidance and connect with other FIFO leaders. 

3 x 45 minute group coaching calls per week (valued at $750 per call)

Cant make it because of handover? Has your day suddenly become chaotic, meaning you just don't have time? Well there are 3 calls to choose from, to make sure you get your opportunity to ask for and receive support.

Calls will run Mon, Wed, Fri at 7am AWST.

FIFO Friendly, Self-Paced Modules

NO big lectures and NO overwhelming work load, because FIFO leaders are busy as it is. Our online modules cut to the chase. They're short videos and templates designed to make learning and up-skilling as simple as 5 minutes a day. Maybe while one of your crew drive you back to camp?


When you give us permission to hold you accountable to making the changes necessary, we do not stop until you complete your commitment to yourself. We do not let our leaders quit on themselves, because we know the ripple effect it can have, when our leaders take action, even in the face of fear .

Simple, actionable stress management tools

You need tools that are quick, easy and effective. Tools that don't require you to have a silent, dark room and 30 minutes off the job. You'll have a library of tools that we've seen work first hand, across 100's of site visits, for 1000's of FIFO workers. From the anxious newly promoted supervisors, worried their friends no longer respect them, to the superintendent with too much going on at home and the manager who just can't seem to switch off.

Effective emotional intelligence tools

You don't need to spend hours meditating and journalling to understand your emotion or how it impacts your life. You need simple tools that cut through the noise and allow you to create safety in your body, so you can put a stop to self destructive behaviours. 

1 x 60 min, 1on1 strategy call

This strategy call will help us set you up for success. We'll identify personal and professional goals, the action items to hold you accountable to and the tools that will benefit you the most.

What online modules will you have access to?

Our online modules are self-paced and self-selected. You choose what modules are the best fit for you and the challenges you face right now, and you choose how long you spend on them. We've designed these modules to be as simple as 5 minutes a day or 35minutes once a week.

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Mastering Stress Management

  • What happens to the brain when stressed

  • Why you overthink, worry or find the negatives

  • How this stress becomes a destructive circuit

  • How to break this circuit using state change tools

  • Tools to test and teach

  • Creating space in the brain

Building Emotional Intelligence

  • The impact of emotion on thought and behaviour

  • Human needs and their impact on feeling safe

  • Identify, label and reframe emotion

  • Identify limiting beliefs attached to emotions

  • Intentional listening - don't tell your stories

  • Using EQ will create stronger relationships

  • Taking emotional intelligence too far

Confident communication

  • Fight vs flight

  • Why we avoid hard conversations

  • How leaving things unsaid drains energy

  • Raise concerns without attack or blame

  • Communicate boundaries with poise

  • How to: safe mental health conversations

  • Active listening

Psychologically Safe Leadership 

  • Meeting your teams needs

  • Identify motivational drivers

  • Handling issues when they arise

  • The impact of leadership on our people (stats)

  • Leverage the brain to build connection and trust

  • How your actions create or dampen threat states

  • Connection and performance mode

  • Effective discussion techniques

Healthy FIFO Relationships 

  • Best responses during high stress 

  • Setting clear expectations 

  • Building trust through commitment and action

  • Avoidance creates unnecessary suffering

  • Take full ownership: No blame, no justification

  • How to raise issues without anger 

  • Planning for time apart

  • Letting go - switching off

  • The self development high horse

*12 modules to be released through 2024.

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Specifically designed to ease the load on our FIFO leaders.

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Green Lines

One thing we've learned over the years, is that when we leave site, the mental health conversation has well and truly started..


Not all leaders have the emotional intelligence, or the tools to navigate this with confidence. And mental health first aid alone just isn't enough!

Most find themselves overwhelmed, either avoiding the emotional conversations, or launching into them with fingers crossed, often wondering if they've said or done the right thing. 

As a result, they shut down mentally and  emotionally to cope. This impacts their team, then slowly makes it's way back home, creating tension and separation.

It becomes harder to be present during RnR, and the people around these leaders tend to feel disconnected or as if they don't really matter.

As a leader, with targets to hit, people to manage and a home life to balance, it can become hard to see what's not quite working. Usually, it hits a tipping point where we just need to release some of the tension. This often leads to doing something we regret, quitting unexpectedly or just shutting down entirely.

In this mastermind we'll support you no matter what stage you're at in your leadership journey. With our support and strategies, we'll take you from stressed, disconnected and concerned, to calm, clear and confident. 

You'll have clarity on what needs work, the confidence to take action and a sense of calm through the entire process.


The result?


A life that feels smooth, like someone added suspension under your seat for those backroad adventures. Flourishing relationships where you understand each others needs, and communicate respectfully. Teams that don't just turn up, but go above and beyond for a leader they trust, and who they feel trusts them. 

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So, who is this Mastermind for?

This mastermind is for the FIFO leader (or aspiring leader) who wants to better themselves personally and professionally, so that their development ripples throughout their team and their home life. It's for the leader who wants to be better. The leader that wants to create cohesive, trusting and productive teams. It's for the leader who wants to make a difference.

Leading Hands






Our founding 10 membership offer

As a founding 10 member, one of the first 10 FIFO leaders to join the mastermind, you'll receive 60% off general pricing. This is the lowest our pricing will ever be.

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Paid in full:

$16,000 pp

$5,000 pp


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Paid monthly:

$1,500 pp

$500 pp


*To purchase through your business via invoice, please email with your membership option and she will create an invoice as soon as practicable.

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Be a part of the FIFO leadership revolution.
A changing of the guard.

You'll have a 15 minute call with Lachie to get the clarity you need.

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