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Approved mental health vendors for


Why work with us?

We pride ourselves on being the most relatable speakers and facilitators in mining mental health. 

We've been a part of the fifo, construction and defence force industries, so we understand first hand the issues that come with working away. This makes us relatable, which is something we've found unlocks those in your team who may feel that mental health presenters wont understand their struggle. 

To build on that relatability, we craft our mental health experiences into stories that create trust and connection. With that rapport we then deliver short, sharp and impactful content to give your team value, while keeping them engaged.

With first hand experience, a process tested with 100's of site visits and thousands of FIFO workers, along with the option to have down to earth 1on1 conversations, we will give your people a chance to learn from someone they can relate to, to be heard by someone who truly cares, and to be helped as they take that first step, be it EAP, chaplain, the use of tools or any of your other recommended referral pathways.
Not only this, with our standard 2-3 day site visits, we provide a short report on our findings, to help your safety teams take action on the relevant psychosocial risks that were identified. 

Ultimately, we see ourselves as a cog in your wheel, delivering what we're best at, in an attempt to assist your HSE and HR teams as they navigate the psychosocial regulations.


How we help you funnel your people towards the help they may need.

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Mine site visit with Lachie
Lachie Samuel

Mine site visit with Lachie



"Truly one of the best presentations we have had at Drillsafe. You could hear a pin drop. Absolutely unreal!"
- Chris Wilson, Drillsafe Chair

"Your a phenomenal human Lachie. Keep up the great work mate. Your passion helps to inspire so many people."
-John Pica, FMG Safety Manager, Chichester Hub

"I loved the approach and have to say it was one of the best mental wellbeing workshops, actually one of the best workshops I've had on site so far. I really appreciate you sharing your story with us Lachie."
-Lauren Nanette, Sodexo Administrator

"I just wanted to say you've helped me evolve so much and we have only just crossed paths! So for that I just want to say I am so grateful that our paths have aligned at just the right time and I am so thankful for you brother. Just your very existence on this earth makes me so f**king happy bro and what you are doing in life with your journey to help others. In my eyes you are a true leader."
-Tremaine Gribben, Webdrill Mech Fitter

"When I met Lachie my marriage was on the rocks and I was drinking a bottle of whisky a night and 10 beers. Since our talk I've been alcohol free for 3 months, my marriage is good and i'm going through the lifeline ambassador course for my work!"
-Nuno Moreira, Mineral Resources Machine Operator

"Setting our latest MC trainee drivers up for a successful career. Nothing but great feedback from all who had the opportunity to attend."
-Simon Wheeler, Qube Bulk, National Learning & Development Advisor

"Grateful I got to listen to such a powerful speech. You've definitely inspired me!"
-Bethany McGregor, FMG Christmas Creek, HSEC Compliance Officer  

"He's a star" -Tim Topham, Topdrill Managing Director


1000's of FIFO workers, 100's of 1 on 1 conversations,
across Australia's most trusted mining organisations.

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