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Overhaul Your
FIFO Leadership:

From Stress to Success!

Let go of leadership stress, gain the trust of your team, connect deeply with your family, and master decision-making.

FIFO Leaders Lounge.

"I've really appreciated being a part of this and having the support from Lachie and Corey.

It has been eye opening for me and has helped me move through things I've lived with in my life, that I shouldn't be putting up with. Thank you!"

-Steph Wilson, Peer Support Co-ordinator, Rio Tinto

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Green Lines

Leadership can be a lonely place.

You're balancing your workload, family and the personalities in your team.

If you get it wrong... 


You'll spend your RnRs worrying about work, not connecting with your family.


You'll spend your swings worrying about your family, not connecting with your team, not fully focused on your tasks. 

Soon enough, you end up feeling isolated, like you can't really open up or share what's going on, bottling it all up until the pressure and the workload catch up to you. 

To make up for it, you start spending money and setting BIG goals, but nothing feels like it's ever enough.


Your mind starts running rampant.


It takes you forever to fall asleep and you wake up feeling exhausted. 


All of a sudden you're overthinking what's next, procrastinating and avoiding the tough conversations.


Then snap! A bad decision...


Throwing one of your team under the bus. Yelling at the kids or being short and snappy with your partner over nothing. 

Now your relationships are starting to suffer. Home doesn't really feel like home and you're hearing murmurs that your team are talking about you behind your back. 

Is anyone home?


You're a trusted and respected leader.


No matter the pressures, you choose to lead with integrity, doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. 

You control your thoughts, they no longer control you.


As a result, your team looks up to you because you tackle hard conversations and decisions head on, communicating confidently and respectfully, as soon as they come up.


You fly back to your family, easily switching off, being fully present, creating memories. 


They feel loved, and you feel connected. 

Your relationships just get better and better with this peace of mind,  and all of a sudden, you start to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, waking up refreshed and ready to takle whatever the day throws at you. 


*Sigh of relief*

THIS is what we're offering you. 

12 months of strategies and support. A coach in your pocket that can help you drastically change your life, your relationships and your leadership...

If you choose to step into the arena with us that is...


Our 3 pillars for FIFO leadership without the overthinking.

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Confidently and easily have hard conversations

Make decisions without the overthinking and worry

Switch off from work on RnR, and switch on for your family

Fall asleep faster and wake up fresher

Build teams that speak positively about you while you're away

Get problems off your chest in a judgment free environment

​Navigate personal and work stress without the overwhelm

Be held to a higher standard and become someone you're proud of

Let us put you back on track when things are getting tough

​A coach in your pocket,

for when you need it most

Have mental health conversations without worrying you'll say the wrong thing

Instinctively choose the best referral outlet for a team member who is struggling

Confidently de-escalate heated and heavy situations

Create environments where your people can be themselves

Just click this button!

We know you don't have spare time to throw around, so we've cut the fluff and kept the musts.

Just click this button!

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Straight up, no bullshit coaching

We'll give it to you how it is, with the tools you need to go from stress to success.


12 months of ongoing, weekly support
A coach in your pocket when you need it most.

Self-Paced online modules

Learning on your terms. You're in control.

Strategies for connection and peace of mind

Learn how to switch off fast, fall asleep fast and connect with the people you love and lead.​

This is for you is you're a FIFO leader who wants to..



Creating teams that have your back, because you have theirs.

Confidently make decisions without overthinking everything.

Communicate like a pro, navigating tough conversations with ease and empathy.

Set your people up to do well, so they feel like they have meaning and choice in their work.

Empowering your people to make decisions and take action whether you're there or not.

Switching off after shift because you're comfortable delegating responsibility.

Switching off at home so your family get your undivided attention and feel loved.

​Spending time with your family instead of money.

Handling issues with a coolness and calm that creates confidence and safety in those around you.

Setting and achieving goals while feeling a deep sense of pride.











Blaming, micromanaging and talking shit about your team when they're not around.

Worrying about every little decision so much that you're always stuck in your head.

Avoiding tough conversations because you second guess yourself and if you're saying the right things.

Holding the reigns so tight "just incase" something goes wrong.

Holding your people back so that your team is dependant on you.

Having to be the fixer, worrying if your phone is going to wake you up tonight.

Making excuses why you have to work instead of spending time with the kids.

Spending money to make up for the lack of connection you have.

Getting flustered, saying and doing things you regret.

Feeling like nothing is ever enough, no matter how much you spend, try or sacrifice.

100's of site visits. 1000's of FIFO workers.

Across Australias most trusted mining companies.

Meet your coaches



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Lachie is a former FIFO leading hand and supervisor, turned FIFO facilitator and coach.

After being evacuated from site due to mental health, he spent years working through cheating, compulsive lying and childhood trauma.


To aid in his transition to mental health advocate, he then studied counselling and neuroscience, winning the national award as Mens Health Champion, also being named by Linkedin Australia as one of their top voices for mental health.

Lachie's approach is one of warmth and understanding, mixed with a firmness that generates ownership, action and change. 


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Corey is a former construction project manager and former defence force worker, turned mental health facilitator, author and coach.

After having one of his team members pass away in arms during shift, he worked extensively on overcoming PTSD, intense anger and childhood trauma. 

To do this Corey has learned under some of the worlds best coaches and therapists, studying training, coaching and becoming a rites of passage facilitator.

Coreys approach is no nonsense, mixed with the love and empathy needed to create a feeling of safety in leaning into challenges.

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FIFO leadership without the overwhelm?

Make it click, like Ronalds seat belt!

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