Our goals are to get your people talking about their mental health, up-skill them to manage stressors, help your safety team identify irritants or emerging issues, and refer those struggling to your chosen pathways.


One off session

Engage our speakers for Keynotes or CBD sessions.


Story telling meets easy to understand content and easy to action tools for stress management.

You choose 30-90minute sessions. Opt-in 1on1 conversations provided after all workplace presentations.

Ongoing sessions

Engage our speakers for ongoing CBD, regional and mine site visits.

We'll use a mix of lived experience story telling that's relatable to your people, easy to understand content and easy to action tools for stress management, packed into short, sharp 30min presentations.

Designed to minimise time off the job, while maximising impact and coverage of all panels, leading to 1on1 conversations, referrals to your relevant pathways and quantifiable short reports on irritants, for your safety team.

Follow up sessions are to be discussed after the initial visits, with content being determined by the most notable need of your teams.

Recommended as 2-3 day visits for total coverage.

Leadership huddles

Engage our speakers for CBD, regional & mine site leadership sessions.

Using our custom designed processes we'll help your leaders connect with their teams, giving them insight into how to create engagement, collaboration and psychological safety. 

We'll begin by engaging all leaders, followed by facilitating for individual leaders and their teams. 

Your leaders will understand what creates threat states in their teams, how to transition them back to a state of psychological safety (using human needs, oxytocin etc), while also identifying the vision, mission and values of each team member. 

Mental Health First Aid

Engage our MHFA accredited facilitators for 2 day CBD, regional or mine site visits.

Within these courses your teams will learn how to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health, as well as the ALGEE action plan, designed to equip your teams with the skills help an individual with a mental health problem. 

Our facilitators are relatable, having worked in mining, construction and defence forces, using their lived experience to create the connection and trust needed for courses of this nature.

All participants will receive the certificate in mental health first aid.


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