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Learn the tools you need begin living a mentally and emotionally healthy, FIFO life.

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What do you get in the challenge?

  • Weekly zoom group coaching call with Lachie:

        -Your choice of day or night shift calls.

  • Online mini course:

        -Weekly videos and challenges.

        -Tools to change emotional state and calm negative thoughts

        -Referral contacts for facilitators Lachie trusts.

  • Private message accountability group:

       -Post your challenges, your wins and  receive the support you need.

  • Rewards and Prizes for those who complete the challenge:

       -Thanks to Tyrepower, Safestyle Eyewear, Mineset and more…


What will we cover in the challenge?

Intro - Prep

-What my expectations and boundaries are for the 28 days

-Discomfort and growth

-Intro coaching call

Week 1 - Stress management

-Understand stress and your relationship with it
-Find the tools that work for you (mini course)

-Teach a tool 

-Week 1 coaching call


Week 2 - Limiting beliefs
-Audit your thoughts and beliefs

-Where did they come from?

-Commit to new beliefs

-Week 2 coaching call


Week 3 - Emotional responses
-Audit your emotions and how you respond to them

-Identify the impact that has

-Learn to feel the feels

-Week 3 coaching call

Week 4 - Vulnerability

-Be seen and heard

-How to communicate

-Week 4 coaching call


Outro- Integration and next steps

-What’s next for those who completed the challenge (it’s a surprise)
-Facilitators I recommend working with


Who's facilitating the challenge?

Lachie Samuel, aka the FIFO Mental Health Guy.

In 2017, after nearly 10 years working fifo shutdowns and construction, having already experienced his partners suicidality due to working away, Lachie lost two colleagues to suicide. He was later evacuated from site for mental health issues.

Since then he has gone on to become one of the leaders in FIFO mental health, creating a top10 mental health podcast, the FIFO Mental Health Summit, FIFO Happiness, The Association for Mental Health in Mining & The Red Earth Project. 


Lachie's online course, "Mens Vulnerability", hosted 300 Aus & NZ men as they stepped into vulnerability through 2020 and 2021.

In 2021 he also won the 'national mens health champion' award, for his work in FIFO mental health, from the Australian Mens Health Forum, Australia's peak body for mens health.

Lachie's mission, beyond being a good man, father and partner, is to make mining the healthiest industry, mentally and emotionally in Australia.


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