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Why we exist.

Where it all started

In 2017, after nearly 10 years working fifo shutdowns and construction, having already experienced his partners attempt due to the stress of his working away, Lachie lost two colleagues to suicide. He was also later evacuated from site for mental health issues.

Since then he has gone on to become one of the leaders in FIFO mental health, creating a top10 mental health podcast, the FIFO Mental Health Summit and The Association for Mental Health in Mining.

In 2021 he won the 'national mens health champion' award, for his work in FIFO mental health, from the Australian Mens Health Forum, Australia's peak body for mens health.

In 2022 Lachie was named a Linkedin Top Voice for Mental Health and with that, made the decision to transition from FIFO Mental Health Guy, to FIFO Mental Health Group, as the first step towards finding and building a team of people who are deeply passionate about transforming mental health culture within mining. 


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To fly FIFO workers out better than they flew in.

We see a future where FIFO workers are so mentally and emotionally healthy, that they fly out better than they flew in. 

We know this likely won't be achieved in our life time, but it's a vision worth spending a life time working towards, to improve the lives of FIFO workers and their families. 


To make mining the healthiest industry, mentally and emotionally, in Australia.

This is our 10 year goal and something that currently seems unattainable to most. Having lived the FIFO life and now having seen the individual change that's possible with relatable mental health facilitation, we believe more than ever that along our journey we can provide the foundation for others to follow in our foot steps and move this mission forward.


We see ourselves achieving this by having at least 1 trained, relatable and emotionally intelligent frontline supporter in each department, of every mine site across the country, sharing their stories, creating trust, facilitating and teaching stress regulation, expanding windows of tolerance, encouraging vulnerability through 1on1s and identifying emerging issues. 




Do the right thing, even when no one is watching. When your head hits the pillow at night, you're the only one you can't hide the truth from, so make sure you put your best foot forward. 



If you falter, take ownership of your missteps without making excuses or shifting blame. This creates trust in yourself, removes the fear of mistakes, and allows other to be at ease when working with you.



Find the lessons in life and use them as stepping stones to improve. The rising tide lifts all boats.



Don't get so caught up in progress that you forget to enjoy yourself, your family and your friends. Without play, life can become far too serious, later feeling like there isn't any light at the end of the tunnel.



Treat yourself as well as you treat those you serve. Treat those you serve with the respect they deserve. If your cup is full, it will overflow into the cups of others. 

We Believe

That every FIFO worker deserves to feel safe enough to share how they feel, what they're struggling with, while also having the support and tools to not only help themselves, but also help others.


This shift will have a ripple effect that will create safety both at work and at home, increasing trust, communication and performance.


Ready to work with us?

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