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For 2023, we have settled on 2 projects that we believe will move the FIFO industry towards being the healthiest industry in Australia. These are the FIFO Mental Health Summit, and the sundowners hosted through the Association for Mental Health in Mining.

We believe these projects allow us to create a community within mining mental health, that are open with their insights, collaborate without scarcity and works towards the common goal of culture change.


In 2018, Lachie created Australia's first event specifically for mental health within the FIFO and mining industry. 


The event initially began as a means to educate decision makers on FIFO mental health, being held in both Perth and Brisbane, and has since morphed into an annual forum where leaders in the space share the insights they've gained from personal experience, as well as the testing of their solutions.

The mission for the FMHS, is to expediate the culture shift within FIFO, by connecting organisations to the people, ideas and solutions they need.

Click the arrow to see photos from the FMHS 2021.